Terms Of Business

Payment: Advance payments are to be paid by cheque or cash within 14 days of booking. The balance is to be paid on arrival of DJ or NO LESS than 14 days prior to the event.

Overtime: When feasible. Client's request for extended playing time of an event will be charged at £75 per hour payable in cash at the time of request.

Cancellations: Cancellations must be in writing by either the client or agent. Advance payments are non refundable. If cancelled by client less than 90 days of event then the client is responsible for the total fee OR may forfeit the advance payment only by signing a new Entertainment Agreement with DJ within 14 days of cancellation. Rescheduled events are subject to availability.

• The performers main area will be located within 5m's (18 feet) of a twin reliable 240v (ac) power supply.

• Facility is open allowing for the specified setup time.

• Responsible steps will be taken to protect First Dance DJ company equipment, personnel and music. Crowd control will be provided and warranted.

• For outdoor events, shelter will be provided that completely covers and protects the company's equipment from adverse weather conditions. If you require our DJ to power all equipment from a generator, please note we need to be informed prior to the event and we will also require full safety and test certificates from the person signing this form no less than seven days prior to the event.

• Parking space/s will be provided for our motor vehicle/s. Any charges incurred due to lack of parking will be added to the final charge.

The client accepts full responsibility for any damages, injuries or delays that occur as a result of failure to comply with these provisions. In the event of circumstances deemed by the performer to present a real or implied threat of injury or harm to the performer or equipment then the performer reserves the right to cease performance until such time that the client resolves the threatening situation. The performer further reserves the right to deny any guest access to equipment.

Individuals who are to participate in games and fun activities with the entertainer are responsible for their own safety. We as a company will not be held responsible for power cuts within the premises of the event. If power cuts persist within a building the entertainer has the right to stop the party until the problem is resolved as start/stop power damages the entertainer kit every time it occurs. The company will not be held responsible for any changes to the booking not included in the contract.

All photography and video footage taken by an entertainer/s or anyone associated with First Dance DJ will be subject to copyright within the company and unless you have requested photos from the event not to be used on our site we will assume it is ok to do so.

We ensure that getting to you on time is very important but in the event that traffic holds us up for longer than expected we will not be held responsible. As a rule, our DJ's always leave twice as early as is suggested by Google maps i.e. if we were to type our location (SM5 3AE) and your location in to Google and it gave an estimated travel time of one hour, we would leave at least two hours prior to our agreed arrival time. If you require us to leave in more time than stated, please ensure you let us know of your requirements and I am sure we will be able to accommodate your needs.

All bookings will be accompanied by a written contract. By accepting a booking verbally and/or signing a contract you are entering into a legal and binding agreement with the agent.

As a company we strive to do our best for YOU, so please if there is anything you are unsure of please call on 0845 055 8581 and we will do our best to resolve your query.

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