Upto 100 evening guests - select

    • WHITE optional extras

        White and White Plus Optional Extras

        • EARLY SETUP £75
        • ADDITIONAL HOURS (3 hours included in package prices) £75 p/hr £40 p/half hr
          per hour or part of based on hours before midnight. Additional hours are charged at £75 per hour if booked in advance and £95 per hour if booked on the night of the event. We charge a flat rate of £75 to set your disco up early. This avoids the DJ walking equipment through your venue whilst you’re having your meal. Should you require the system to be set in the same position for the day as it would in the evening and you can utilize the system in that position for speeches and background music, we are happy to supply this service at no extra cost (this DOES NOT include a radio microphone). Should you require a wireless microphone for your recpetion, we would be happy to provide this at a cost of just £25.
          We can set a sound system and radio microphone so that all your speeches can be easily heard by your guests.
        • BUBBLE MACHINE£45
          A very nice (relatively cheap) addition for those looking to achieve a certain effect for the first dance or indeed any other event. Bubbles are just great fun!
        • MIRROR BALL£50
          Our 15 inch mirror ball is an effect that would suit some and looks great. It comes with a white pin spot light.
        • LED DANCE FLOOR (16FT X 16FT)£650
          The increasingly popular WHITE OR BLACK STAR LIT DANCE FLOOR is an amazing feature for any event, but especially so for weddings as the white finish and twinkling LED stars beneath your feet really do look amazing. This addition is available in most sizes. Please call for a quote should you require a specific size to suit your venue.
        • 55 INCH LED SCREEN£175
          £175 for 1st screen - £100 for each thereafter, Large LED screens are brand new technology for 2013 and we have invested in screens that will enable you to put images from your day on to a big screen. This is an ideal touch for if your evening guests have not seen the day’s action. You can give them an insight in to what been happening on your magical day.
          This lighting effect is normally utilized to project a custom image incorporating the names or initials of the happy couple for their magic day on to a flat surface such as a dance floor or flat wall.  This looks especially great for a first dance with your names projected on to your dance floor before you take centre stage for the most important dance of your life.  We cannot give a specific price on this option as the price of the projection GOBO differs with every design.  Should you want to see the template designs we have available, simply let us know and we will happily e mail you a PDF showing you the designs you can customise for your day.
          Dancing on clouds is something some customers feel simply can't be done!  Well, it can.  We can supply real CO2 with a professional machine that really does give the effect of you dancing on clouds.
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